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Botryoidal Sconce
  • Botryoidal Sconce

    Our Bubbly Sconce Mini is digitally grown to imitate the fractal growth of botryoidal crystals in Nature. Hand crafted by artisans in Peru ad wired in NYC showcasing with unique custom glazes, and metal fishin. This sconce features a single bulb of 6in. Light is Dimmable from warm to cool hue. Multiple orientations for display

    The Bronze colorway shows a great depth of metalic in a visual textural expression across the piece. This piece depicts metallic tones and darker antique looks across the piece, these achieved during their firing process. All pieces are crafted to be unique as the glazework will show slight variation.


    Available in 3 different colorways; Bronze, Crystal Cream, Charcoal.



    • Size :

      8.5"W x 8.5"H x 8"D

    • Lighting Specs :

      120V and Type A Plug. Customizable, please inquire if interested.

    • Lead Time :

      2 -3 Weeks

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